Questions To Consider Before Jumping Into The Cloud

By Babak—2079 days ago

Automating your environment with an EMR/EHR system can benefit your business by allowing for greater efficiency, less risk, more control, and higher earnings for work that is already being done. There are scenarios in which having traditional IT services are more appropriate or efficient for a business/practice. However, for some other practices, cloud computing can provide the benefits of EMR/EHR without the large capital investment traditionally associated with automating your workflow. A recent blog post on covers some basics of Cloud Computing. However, if you are considering this format, here are some other important questions that should be addressed before jumping in:

    1. How long has the software provider been around? Is it “in the black” or well-funded? You will be migrating your whole practice to it, so you want to be sure they will be around in 7 years.

    2. Does the program provide what you need to stay in compliance with your field of practice? (HIPAA, security measures …etc).